More about me...

I love talking with people.  I love to smile, joke, and make new friends.  As a little kid, I would walk around restaurants smiling and saying hi to anyone and everyone.  My grandmother still describes me then as her "little politician".  I don't know about that, but...thanks grams.

Because of these interests, I went to college to earn my degree in hospitality from Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont.  I played collegiate tennis and golf, while working and skiing at Killington Ski Resort for my degree - not a bad college life!  The best part, though, was studying and working at what I love to do while helping and interacting with people who were doing what they love to do.  That's what it was all about, and that's what its still about!

After college, I traveled the country teaching tennis at various resorts for a few years, but eventually decided it was time to get down to business.  I moved home to Kalamazoo to work with my dad in his clothing business.  This was a great experience for many reasons, but the best is that I met my beautiful wife, Angela.  

Angela, our two dogs Brody and Buster, and I vacationed many times to the North from Kalamazoo, and eventually decided that we loved it so much here, we had to go for it.  I missed the hospitality work I was doing in years past, and the TC area meant I could find this enjoyment again.  Our move to Traverse City gave me the opportunity to work at Blustone Vineyards, one of the finest wineries in Northern Michigan.  What a fantastic opportunity it has been, to work in an industry that is emerging rapidly in this area, at a beautiful tasting room - pouring and promoting wine as a job!  I also teach tennis and am one of the Varsity Tennis coaches at Traverse City West High School - go Titans!

As we got settled in this area, I was introduced to Chad and and I knew how much this made sense for me and my family.  I grew up skipping rocks from the shores of Big Glen Lake, going for smoked fish and jerky at Carlson's in Leland, and playing tennis at The Homestead.  Now, I love to hike the dunes, the vineyards, or the woods with my wife our kids.  You can also find me at the farmers markets, on the water, the slopes, the course, or the court - so many great things to enjoy here!  My love of this area has only gotten stronger and will continue to, and now I can meet people and help them find their place in this beautiful region...?  Perfect!  I look forward to talking with you soon, thanks again.