Matthew O'Leary


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Blake for over 25 years, as we attended primary school together. Since then, we’ve worked together on several projects, both business and personal, and they’ve always been an enjoyable experience. 

For as long as I can remember, Blake has been a “people person,” possessing an endearing, kind-hearted, positive character that attracts others to him and allows him to build relationships instantly. Blake seems to know everyone and he has a way of making each person feel like an old friend. 

His charisma and approachability are innate and omnipresent, but have also been cultivated over the years with his educational and business experiences. Blake is ambitious and has excelled at numerous ventures, from collegiate sports and coaching, to managing his family’s international textile business. These involvements have instilled Blake with leadership skills and the ability to collaborate and communicate well with others. 

Whatever Blake has wanted to do, he has not only been proficient, but exceptional at it, and I have no doubt that Blake will make an outstanding realtor."