Who's Your REALTOR?

Give it a few seconds...

If no specific name came to mind you've likely never had an exceptional real estate experience.  Let's be honest, you're not alone.  It's pretty easy to get a real estate license even though we're responsible for guiding our clients through what is likely the largest single investment they'll make.  Fortunately most of the agents and brokers I know are hard working professionals and do their best to represent their clients and their needs.  Many miss the mark, however, and don't become THE REALTOR for their clients.

Often times people seek a REALTOR only when it's time to buy or sell a property.  It's unfortunate because a quality REALTOR can be a valuable FREE resource at so many important points.  Need a good plumber or electrician, a great REALTOR knows the best ones in town and they likely owe them a favor or two for sending  business their way.  Considering a large kitchen remodel?  You might want to ask your REALTOR to make sure it's an investment you'll recoup when it comes time to sell.  Are you thinking about taking a dream vacation?  Reach out to your REALTOR and find out what your home might be worth so you can pull out a little extra equity money and really live it up!  

Did I mention these services are free?  As a matter of fact, the only time you're likely to have to pay a REALTOR a penny is if they successfully sell your home for a great price and terms.  That's an incredible deal and one that's almost unheard of in any other industry.

At Homewaters we take great pride in being very selective about each agent or broker we'll allow to represent our firm.  Like many other businesses today, the big box model seems to be the trend.  Open a big office and fill it with as many agents as possible.  Some will be excellent, many will be competent and some will be down right scary but they'll all contribute to the bottom line.  We enlist just one exceptional representative for each of our service areas so they absolutely have to be among the best.  If no name came to mind when the intial question was asked above, give me a call when you have some time and I'll let you know how I, and our other agents and brokers, work hard to ensure we become YOUR REALTOR as we help reach your real estate goals.