Kellie Parks, Marketing & Compliance

Hi there!  I hope you're enjoying your time on our site, especially because I'm the one you should reach out to if you aren't!  I am the resident 'Jane-Of-All-Trades’ here at Homewaters. My job is to make sure that everyone involved with any transaction at Homewaters has exactly what they need to reach their goals. I provide the necessary support to the agents and act as an extra set of eyes to ensure all the files are complete and accurate.  I work to put into action all the great ideas generated at the corporate level of things. I handle our digital and print marketing programs, and act as wordsmith for many of our publications. Basically, I'm the go-to for any number of company needs.  If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to me as soon as possible so I can get to work making sure you're good to go.

A little more about me: I'm a northern Michigan native, and although I love to travel, this part of the mitten will always be home. My husband Jason is a local-yokel, too, and our son River was named during a paddle on the Boardman. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University and am a Certified Master Gardener. I'm a grammar and word nerd, a rookie fly angler, a polymath, reader of non-fiction, and I have an insatiable desire for knowledge. I enjoy a wee dram of Scotch at the end of the day, volunteer at my church, am enamored with owls, and love to help people. Everyone at Homewaters has the same spirit of generosity and kindness; that's why I love being here.