Aging in Place

I'd like to touch briefly on a topic called, "Aging in Place".  When this term was first coined it primarily referenced the concept and issues surrounding, "Where is the best place for someone to live while getting older".  The whole concept focused on people ranging in age from 50-90 years olds.  It encompassed all factors physical, mental, emotional, functional and financial pertaining to the aging process and how to help someone stay in their own home safely.  This concept continues to explode with an aging Baby Boomer population and continues to evolve and includes a much broader reach in ages and lifestyles.  Today, this is a hot trend for even millennial who are buying their first home.  Rather than looking for a small starter home they are waiting to buy until they can afford the home they will raise their families in and where they can continue living as they become empty nesters and beyond.  Issues such as main floor living, functionality, storage, efficiency, accessibility and safety are important factors in the home buying process. 

With an educational background in Nursing, Interior Design and with an "Aging in Place" Certification I have a tremendous understanding of the needs and levels of progressive adaption and function that can be incorporated into a home.  Making a home functional for a young family, an older adult or adaptable for a special needs person can be easily achieved through insight into each person's and families situation.  I'd love to sit down with you to discuss what your needs might be now or in the future.  Whether you are buying an existing home or plan on building a new home we can walk through this process that supports and sustains your needs for years and generations to come.