More about Ted

I come from a long line of waterfront owners and sportspersons and have been an active outdoors enthusiast for my entire life.   My career with Home Waters Real Estate allows me to share my passion and knowledge of the recreational experience with people who are drawn to that same amazing lifestyle.  I have personally owned multiple homes on lake fronts, hunting properties and currently live  with my beautiful wife on  the Muskegon river in the little town of Paris, that also has hunting acreage attached to it.  We are living the dream to be certain.

With my love of the land and real estate comes decades of knowledge of waterfront properties and home and land improvements, as I assist friends, family and clients with optimizing their properties value for sale or help buyers by planning improvements to increase equity in the value and enjoyment of their new properties for years to come. The talented and experienced team of professionals at Home Waters Real Estate is directly focused on waterfront and recreational property.

Add to that the un-paralleled website and social media presence that reaches more potential buyers and sellers than any other real estate company in northern Michigan and you have a roadmap for success to realizing your own real estate dreams.

Call me to discuss making your dreams a reality.