About My Service Area

Living and working on Bryan Lake near Lake Ann really is the realization of a dream I had for a number of years.  We'd visit our cottage in the area regularly but it never truly quenched my appetite for time spent in northern Michigan.  When I had the opportunity to retire early and share my passion for the area with others through my second career as a REALTOR, I truly found my calling.  I still adhere to the same work ethic and professional standards that lead to my success in the corporate world but my office is now the sandy shores of lakes like Long Lake and Lake Michigan and the winding banks of pristine trout streams like the Platte and Betsie rivers.  Working with Homewaters provides me a unique opportunity to be the exclusive representative for the firm in Benzie and western Grand Traverse counties.  It allows me to be in contact with a tremendous variety of buyers from those seeking a modest weekend getaway to those building their retirement dream home overlooking the bluffs of Lake Michigan.  

Benzie County offers an incredible array of property types and price ranges.  While frontage on Lake Michigan and Platte and Crystal Lakes continues to be out of reach of many buyers, there are a ton of smaller, lesser known bodies of water that bring waterfront ownership within reach of most.  The Platte and Betsie rivers also offer waterfront living with more privacy and often much more attractive prices.  While 75% of our sales are waterfront, it's really the northern Michigan lifestyle that we specialize in.  Whether you're on the water or not, it's influence extends throughout our region and most people choose to live her simply for the quality of life.  Because it's a bit more rural, some of the best buys in the Grand Traverse region can be found away from the water in Benzie County.  

Some of the most sought after lakes lie within western Grand Traverse County including Long Lake, Duck Lake, Green Lake and Silver Lake.  These spectacular bodies of water, and many smaller ones, offer a great balance between enjoying the rural feel of northern Michigan and being close to the terrific amenities offered by Traverse City.  That proximity to town can often drive prices northward but the ability to enjoy a day of boating on pristine waters and an evening of world class dining is pretty tough to beat.  

I built in a couple of quick links to the right hand side of this page below my photo including one for currently available lakefront properties in my area and one for riverfront properties in the same region.  Just hit that link and refine the parameters at the top to narrow the results to match your needs.

I truly appreciate your time and consideration.  I am confident that I can help find the property in northern Michigan that best suits the needs of you and your family at the best possible price and terms.  I look forward to hearing from you soon as you continue your search for your own Home Waters!