Site User Guide

Welcome to the new 3.0!  Northern Michigan's #1 most visited brokerage site just got a whole lot better.  Newly available technologies have allowed us to carry out some of our users' most common requests.  Here are just a few upgrades you'll find.

Simplified Home Page with immediate access to each lifestyle search.  App-like navigation along the bottom scroll for home, searches, favorite properties, notification of property updates since last visit and account information.


Select specific bodies of water or areas then hit "search"

Or search a specific area to view all bodes of water (including lesser known and smaller ones) within a specific area.  We've also added the ability to create cusom search areas in addition to circular or square windows.


More refinement options with automatic filtering default views.

Think of the updated site as more of a social media structure.  Once logged into your account, the home page will reflect the results of any saved searches as well as any favorite properties.  Hide properties from this fee by swiping left or clicking the "block" option.  Favorite properties by swiping right or selecting the "heart" option to receive updates on those properties.