The main reason most people choose to own a recreational property of their own is so they can play in the dirt, create trails, build blinds, improve the habitat and strive to improve it for wildlife and their own enjoyment.  #putdownroots is a very fitting phrase for those seeking hunting or acreage properties. This ad, put together by Jason Manderbach, hits the nail on the head.  There's just something about shaping your own land in preparation for the upcoming hunting season.  Maybe building new fences to keep the horses or other animals where they should be.  How about building that deluxe hunting blind so the grandkids don't get cold when you take them out.  None of these can be done on Public lands or someone else' property.  We'd love to help you find the parcel that meets the needs of you and your family and friends.  Reach out when you have a chance and we'll get to work digging it up!