Additional Marketing


Direct Mail

Especially with waterfront properties, every owner seems to have family or friends looking for property on their lake or river.  Waterfront owners also seem to be continually interested in their potential property value.  Whenever we list or sell a property on a given body of water, HomeWaters sends out a postcard to the other property owners on that lake or river letting them know about the property.  It's remarkable to see just how many people buy multiple properties on the same body of water or move from property to property over time on the same lake or river.  We also get a lot of contact from property owners who get our just sold cards so they can get a sense of what's happening with values on their lake or river.


While we get to represent a lot of buyers, it's a very small percentage when you consider how many agents are out there, each one of whom represents a whole bunch of their own buyers.  The agents and brokers at HomeWaters treat every other agent or broker as a customer.  They're responsive when asked for additional information, professional when presenting and negotiating offers, and work hard to build cordial, mutually beneficial relationships among the REALTOR® community in their service area.  This can go a long way toward encouraging other REALTORS® to bring their buyers to our seller client properties.  As a REALTOR®, it's always encouraging when you know the agent or broker on the other side of a transaction is going to put their best foot forward to bring a transaction together and do their share of the work to get to closing.