Our Website


Since our launch in late 2006, our website, www.homewaters.net, has been the foundation of our marketing program.  At the time the functionality was light years ahead of any of our competitors with our use of one-click map searches and data pulling from multiple MLS systems.  Over years we've upgraded the site on a regular basis to build in even more functionality like automated searches, ability to track properties, more content, more exposure to our agents, and other features.  In 2013, the site was completely rebuilt from the ground up. We took everything we learned in our first 5 years and incorporated the best features from the original site.  We then did extensive industry research and website development research to build in even better search functionality and improve the look of the site.  Some of the upgrades include more and larger photo views, more video content, better integration with our expansive social media outlets, more agent related content, and newly available custom Google map overlays that improved our search functionality. 

Today the site is, by far, the most viewed brokerage website in northern Michigan. It drove more than 1,200,000 pageviews in 2017 alone.  That's an enormous and unparalleled audience to which we are able to market our listings.  With more than 90% of buyers now using the interenet during their buying process, doesn't it make sense to choose the firm with the most powerful web presence?

The most important aspect of www.homewaters.net has been it's ability to turn internet users into actual real estate buyers.  Very few websites have been able to monetize their web traffic as well as we have.  We know from our analytics that once people find our site, they use it over and over again and spend a tremendous amount of time there during each visit. By featuring our agents prominently on each property and making it very simple for users to contact those agents, we've been able to successfully leverage our site traffic to the benefit of our seller clients and those seeking to find the right property to buy. 

Take some time and see for yourself why so many people interested in buying or selling real estate in Michigan turn first and often to www.homewaters.net.