Service Standards


Due to our strategy of representing a limited number of listings, we’re able to dedicate more time on our marketing efforts for each individual client’s property.  Here is a brief summary of the service we agree to provide should you entrust us with the marketing and hopeful sale of your property.

Suggest List Price

We’ll complete a market analysis that weighs the features of your property against similar properties that have sold recently to determine a fair market value.  We’ll then use that to suggest a list price that positions your property well relative to other similar properties that are currently on the market.

Property Staging

We’ll do a thorough walk through of your property and suggest changes that we know will increase the likelihood of a sale.  Our goal is to make the most impactful changes with the least amount of expense and effort.

Interested Parties

We’ll keep you informed of all parties who seem to have a legitimate interest in your property whether it is direct interest or through another REALTOR®.  We’ll follow up with those parties at all stages and keep you informed until they either purchase your property or make it clear it is not a fit.  We’ll actively pursue input from those who bow out and use that information to help direct our strategy moving forward.

Market Updates

We’ll stay informed of any competing properties that may come to market, or sales that may occur, and contact you with any suggested changes in our marketing strategy to ensure we remain competitive relative to the active and sold market.

Regularly Adjust Strategy

Periodically, we will revisit the photos and text we’re using to promote your property to ensure our current approach is achieving the desired result.  If not, we will suggest changes to be implemented in an effort to attract a ready, willing, and able buyer.

Negotiate Offers

We’ll gain any information possible about the potential purchaser and their motivations. We’ll collect information about the most recent sales in the area and work on your behalf to negotiate the most favorable terms and price.

Coordinate Closing Process

We’ll work with the title company, lenders, other agents, home inspector, and appraiser to ensure that any issues are quickly resolved and the transaction moves smoothly toward a successful closing.

Supervise Closing

We’ll review the settlement statement, deed, and title insurance to ensure all is in order and there are no issues that may arise in the future after the property has been transferred.  We’ll supervise the closing to ensure any questions or concerns are addressed and the transaction closes cleanly.