Your Realtor


As with many other industries and professions, real estate has unfortunately become "business by committee" in many companies.  There are fantastic agents and brokers within nearly every real estate brokerage but the very structure of that brokerage may prevent the agent you hire from even getting the leads on your property.  Often times larger brokerages have automated lead generation software that pushes buyer leads to random agents taking floor time or whoever is next in line regardless of who the listing agent is.  That agent has their own pool of listings they need to sell and may not even be aware of any of the details of your property.  Other software may direct the lead initially to the listing agent but will quickly send the lead to some other agent if the listing agent isn't immediately available.  This means that the potential perfect buyer for your home never ends up in contact with the agent or broker you enlisted to represent your property. 

At HomeWaters, L.L.C., every single lead for an agent's listing is driven directly to the listing agent.  You hired them to be your REALTOR® for a reason and they ought to be the one to represent your property to potential buyers.  In fact, every potential buyer in your entire region will be directed to the your REALTOR® regardless of the property they originally inquired about because your REALTOR® is our exclusive representative for that entire region.  That means they have the ability to ensure that any buyer who may possibly have an interest in your property ends up taking a tour of your home.  Your REALTOR® will also be the one to set up all showings on your property and follow up with other agents who may have shown the property.  This is essential for them to be able to solicit information that may help direct the marketing, pricing, or home staging efforts.  Your REALTOR® will be the one to coordinate with title companies, lenders, surveyors and any other contractor needed in the transaction.  Your transaction won't be dumped off to someone in a closing department you've never met before.  From the first point of contact at HomeWaters, L.L.C., your REALTOR® will be your guide through the sometimes complicated process of selling your home and will be your contact at every point along the way.  To learn more about each of our REALTORS® and their unique qualifications, click HERE.