Initial set up process includes: 

  • ​Offering staging advice to ensure the property is as attractive as possible to potential renters

  • Photographing the property to ensure prospective renters get a genuine sense of the features the property offers

  • Loading your listing into AirBNB, VRBO and www.homewatersvacationrentals.com

  • Developing a completed inventory of contents to ensure renters understand what's included and what they may need to provide

  • A full marketing campaign focused on exposing your property to as many potential guests as possible. This includes targeted social media distribution, networking with our broad network of area REALTORS and business owners, a variety of online resources  that ensures anyone interested in enjoying time in your area considers your property for their vacation.

Gaining rental clients is the first step in ensuring an exceptional experience.  We'll take on the necessary tasks to ensure your guests have a memorable stay and leave with fond experiences of northern Michigan.  We balance this while recognizing it's also your home or cottage and should be treated as a personal property.  Here's how:

  • Set up and coordination with cleaning and maintenance personnel

  • Correspondence with renters during booking, check-in, check-out and all inquiries throughout the rental process

  • Train support staff to ensure they meet your high standards of care

  • Follow up with renters to turn them into regular customers

  • Work with property owners to ensure they can continue to enjoy the property when desired and that it's producing positive income when not in use

We can manage everything from one room, a whole house, a basement, a camper, a docked boat, a cabin in the woods or a mansion on the bay.  Just let us know your thoughts and we'll help find the best route, if possible, to make it a successful venture.

There has been a recent push from many local municipalities to limit or prohibit short term rentals.  We'll assist in determining if rentals are allowed in our area and make sure any local requirements are met before the first renter arrives.  Please contact us for information on the eligibility of your property.



VRBO and Air BNB

Airbnb and VRBO are the most versatile and most utilized vacation rental platforms on the internet. Each platform has its pros and cons and we at Homewaters Vacation Rentals stay up to speed on current technology and primarily use these platforms to properly vet all potential renters, correspond with incoming and outgoing guests, handle all transactions and do everything necessary to continue to receive excellent reviews.  

Liability and property insurance are built into these platforms adding addition protection on top of primary home insurance.   

Social Media

At Homewaters Vacation Rentals we utilize social media to keep the public informed of places to stay in northern Michigan.  We keep our rental homes at the top of the search engines with excellent reviews.  Its easy to share an excellent place to stay in northern Michigan!


At home waters vacation rentals we have a well established stake in the community. We love it that most of our business comes from great reviews from guests and referrals from trusted partners.  We are trusted in the greater Traverse City area and continue to receive word of mouth referrals because of networking.  We have of a history of integrity, conscientious execution, and treating clients homes like we would our own.



The Money Matters

The sole reason our clients hire us is to ensure their investment property is profitable in both the long and short term.  We work with each client to ensure they receive regular reporting of any deposits, upcoming rentals, and year to date gross and net revenue for each property we manage.  This can be done as regularly as bi- weekly or annually depending on their personal preference.  We also provide any necessary reporting that ensures our clients have everything they need to provide their tax professional to efficiently carry out their role. 

Monitor The Market

Rental rates have been swaying dramatically in recent years depending on location and the amenities offered in any given property.  It's essential to continually revisit rates to ensure we're maximizing the income potential of the property while hitting our occupancy goals.  This includes creating effective seasonal rate structures as well as being aware of local festivals, events and conditions that might allow for brief windows of heightened rate structures.

Getting Paid

We work with each client and their own unique circumstances to develop a pay out schedule that meets their needs.  Some want to receive regular payments as rentals occur while others prefer one lump sum payment at the end of the season or year.  Whatever your preference we'll work to accommodate any reasonable structure. Our fees are normally withdrawn within 2 weeks of each successful rental once we can ensure the guests were fully satisfied with their stay.


Your Home as Our Home

We subscribe to the mentality that we ought to treat our clients' properties as if they were our own.  Every property needs routine maintenance to avoid larger scale repairs down the road.  Part of our services includes routinely surveying the property and either taking care of problem areas or informing our clients of what likely needs to be done.  This can include physical problems with the property as well as suggestions that will ensure guests enjoy their stay as much as possible.

Avoiding Unwanted Guests

The most certain way to suffer physical damage to a property and poor experiences for guests is to allow the wrong people into the property to begin with.  We screen potential clients to ensure the property is well suited to their intended purpose.  It's essential they understand the expectations of behavior and care of the property BEFORE executing a rental agreement.  We make it crystal clear that we are an attentive company that takes our role as rental managers seriously on behalf of our clients.

Keeping Happy Neighbors

With some negative perceptions about rental properties out there, we work diligently with neighbors to ensure their privacy and that of our guests is respected.  Making sure to rent only to responsible parties and immediately responding to any potential issues the moment we're made aware goes a long way toward staying in the good graces of nearby property owners.  When it's necessary, our role is also to work with our clients to develop strategies for handling difficult neighbors who may not be open to the idea of short term rentals.  Balancing our clients' right to rent their property while ensuring the neighbors' quiet enjoyment of their own property sometimes requires extra effort.