Broker Support

We founded Homewaters to be a very agent-centric model.  After working for a large firm for a number of years, our founder realized that nearly 100% of his business was generated through his own efforts yet he was forced to pay huge commission splits, serve floor time for the broker, and many of the leads on his listings went to other agents in the office.  Homewaters was designed to ensure that those valuable dollars paid to the brokerage by our agents and brokers would be reinvested right back into their individual businesses.

For each agent and broker, we undertake an aggressive direct mail campaign at our expense and effort.  This includes an introduction email to homeowners within that agent or broker's defined service area.  Just listed and just sold cards are also sent to nearby properties for every listing and sale within their defined service area.  This allows our agents and brokers to gain a tremendous number of seller leads and generate very strong listing inventory.

We also designed our website to feature our agents to users who may be looking in their service area.  The site automatically recognizes where a user is searching and puts the contact information for that agent or broker in front of them on each and every listing.  This allows our agents to maximize exposure to tens of thousands of monthly visitors driving a tremendous amount of buyer side traffic.

We also believe it's essential to show our clients that our brokerage is working on their behalf as often as possible.  This often includes our broker attending listing appointments on important possible listings, making contact with seller and buyer clients who may be involved in a difficult transaction, and even taking over transactions when our agents or brokers have simply hit a wall with a particular client or situation.  

We have a complete online library of resources that guide agents and brokers through every real estate process.  These include video tutorials, click by click screen captures showing how to use many of our softwares and flowcharts of every process.  We also have a knowledge library online that provides immediate access to The REALTOR Code of Ethics, MLS Rules and Regulations, White Papers on specific legal issues, and more.  

In short, if our agents or brokers need anything, we're here to help.  If we can't be of help, we'll bring in the person who can to ensure each and every agent and broker within our firm excedes their own goals for success.