Exclusive Markets

Tired of competing against the other 15 top producers in your office for the very same seller and buyer clients?  It's a recipe for infighting and disputes and can cause even the most rational, accommodating person to feel more than upset.  At Homewaters we provide each agent or broker an exclusive territory within which they receive every buyer and seller lead.  The territory size changes depending on the total avaialble sales.  Typically it would be a county, a series of bodies of water or a whole region of the state depending on the nature of that individual market.  The goal is to identify a territory that allows each of our agents and brokers to easily meet and excede their sales goals.  This territory applies only to listed properties.  Agents and brokers are welcome to service buyers in any area they feel they have the expertise to be a resource to those clients.

This setup allows our agents to get 100% of the sales pie in any given area.  With the tremendous web traffic we generate and our direct mail campaign, that is an awful lot of pie.  It's allowed our agents to become THE top producing agent in many of our servie areas.  Unlike many other brokerages, our goal is not to become the top sales OFFICE in a given area, we want to help each individual agent or broker become the top AGENT.

The best thing about our structure is that it's allowed us to basically build an all-star team of agents and brokers all working together to help each other grow their businesses.  There's no competition for buyers or sellers so there's no reason not to support each other and share what's working and what's not.