We believe it's essential to arm our agents and brokers with the best available tools to manage their business and effectively represent their buyer and seller clients.  We continually invest in the finest available software to ensure our team can make the most of their time.

  • - Keeping track of all that goes on day-to-day in your business can be a real challenge.  Making sure every I is dotted and T is crossed can be even more difficult.  In order to help everyone stay on the same page while leaving no stone unturned, we use the finest transaction management tool on the market.  This MLS-fed tool provides checklists of tasks and required paperwork prompting agents to keep everything in order.  In addition, it tracks all of our accounting which provides instant access to your commission splits, company dollar contributions and income earned.  It also includes digital signature capabilities as well as pdf editing which saves a tremendous amount of time.  The broker is able to review and approve all documents in one place.
  • Follow Up Boss CRM - We provide a free premium account of Follow Up Boss to every agent at Homewaters.  This is the finest available CRM for real estate on the market.  It automatically manages incoming leads from sources like, Zillow, Trulia, and more as well as incoming leads from and referrals from partner brokerages.  It also allows agents to stay in touch with current clients and maintain long term contact with past clients.  All in all, it allows agents to turn every single lead into a long-term relationship.
  • CMS (Content Management System) ~ Each agent or broker has full access to manage the content within our website, for their service area and on their own agent pages.  They can basically build a complete website within our website through very easy to use tools.  Because each agent services their own area without competition within the company, most of our agents and brokers have found there's no need to have a site of their own.  The CMS system also allows agents to add maps and descriptions for neighborhoods and bodies of water as well as testimonials that are featured throughout the site.
  • Social Media Access - One luxury of enlisting only the the most ethical, professional agents and brokers is that we fully trust each and every one.  So much so that we provide open access to all company social media to every agent and broker.  This allows each of them to leverage the audience of the entire firm on their clients' behalf.  Very few brokerages have the faith in their colleagues to allow this type of access and we're proud to confidently do so.