We believe it's essential to arm our agents and brokers with the best available tools to manage their business and effectively represent their buyer and seller clients.  To that end, we employ a number of leading software products and have even created our own transaction management software.

  • ~ We created this proprietary software because we were unable to find anything that allowed our agents and brokers to easily keep track of their business without having to do a bunch of manual data entry.  Brokeragebooks is a completely MLS fed software that tracks all of your active, pending and sold transactions.  It does commission calculations to allow users to see what their actual commissions earned have been and what they're likely to be in the future based on current inventory.  It also includes transactional "skittles" that allow users to see at a glance what tasks need to be done and what has already been completed for each property or transaction.  All showings are also setup through Brokeragebooks so users can automatically soliicit feedback and provide it to their seller clients
  • ~ We provide access to all company social media for all agents and brokers.  Becasue we manage more than 100 various pages on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Animoto, we use Hootsuite social media management to make it very simple to take full advantage of our online reach.  The brokerage picks up the cost of this tool on the agent or broker's behalf.
  • Dropbox ~  We utilize Drobox company wide for file storage.  It allows us to be on the same page with all of our agents and brokers in real time to ensure we can offer broker support on a moment's notice.  We're virtually paperless at this point and we've found that the entire company loves having all of their transactional documents available whether their at the office or in the field.
  • CMS (Content Management System) ~ Each agent or broker has full access to manage the content within our website, for their service area and on their own agent pages.  They can basically build a complete website within our website through very easy to use tools.  This allows them to save on the cost of building their own site.  Because each agent services their own area, without competition within the company, most of our agents and brokers have found there's no need to have a site of their own.  The CMS system also allows agents to add maps and descriptions for neighborhoods and bodies of water as well as testimonials that are featured throughout the site.